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Ad-Supported Version of Microsoft Office 14 May be Available

Posted by bionicoder on March 22, 2009

On Feb 24th 2009, I posted an article asking that Will Microsoft consider ad-supported software model again? Now this will become true. On March 3rd, Microsoft Business Division president Stephen Elop said Microsoft would release an ad-supported version of Microsoft Office 14 — Office 14 is expected to be available in 2010. Elop said the purpose behind releasing a free version of Microsoft Office with ads displayed alongside the workspace was to draw “pirate customers into the revenue stream.” according to Silicon Valley Insider.

As my analysis in previous article, this would be Microsoft strategy to compete with Open Source and freeware. It is not only for fighting software piracy. Then what would be Open Source ‘s response to this? Will Open Source follow Microsoft to use ad-supported model as well?

One thing we can predict is more and more software companies will follow Microsoft to put ads on their software in the future. No matter you like it or not, this is the trend driven by competition.


8 Responses to “Ad-Supported Version of Microsoft Office 14 May be Available”

  1. Martin said

    It is true that many people don’t like ads on software. Actually people don’t like to see ads on web site, on TV or anywhere. But how media company can survive without doing advertising? No way!

    If a software company position itself as a media company, it is not a surprise to display ads on software. According to this blog, the important thing is to do it properly. That is the value which Younexus brings in.

  2. Gary said

    I can see two kinds of value Younexus brings in. The first is Younexus restored and built positive image of ad-supported software. The second is Younexus solve ads inventory issue for developers.

  3. paviavio said

    This made me think an image “f NASA Needs Money …”. When someone needs money, ad is a quick way to get it. See my post:

  4. Oliver said

    I can not believe this. I can’t imagine customer see ads next to my presentation while I am using power point. still need to buy it.

  5. Sarah said

    Personally, I do not like ads. But I know it is the way to run business. And the ads do help some people.

  6. paviavio said

    Does OpenOffice offer something similar?

  7. XJ said

    I think Microsoft can provide discount on its software products that carry build-in advertisements.

  8. […] media and TV can be free,  other products can be free too, like software.  Microsoft will offer free office next year. It would be supported by […]

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